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I have collected the most frequently asked questions for you.
If a question is not listed, please feel free to send me a message.
I'll be happy to answer you!

There is no general answer to this question. A landing page takes less time than an online store or a company website with many subpages. The time span ranges from 14 days to several weeks.
Absolutely. It's best to get advice from me before you choose a hosting provider, because the future loading time of your website depends on it. You have to register the domain name yourself, which should not necessarily be with the hosting provider. I will be happy to help and advise you.
Yes, of course. You can use Woocommrce based on WordPress or Shopify. However, due to the better loading times, I recommend an online store on Shopify.
Yes, SEO optimization already starts with the design draft. I am also an SEO manager (IHK).
It depends. Images are either supplied by you or downloaded from a free stock. Texts are best supplied by you. However, there is the possibility that I will take care of their creation.
After a detailed consultation, I will provide you with a cost estimate. If this is accepted, the actual work begins. Depending on the agreed services, the design is either first presented as a draft or gradually corrected and approved. No templates are used.
There is no general answer to this question. Every website is different and it really depends on the complexity and scope of what your website needs to include. In any case, you will be quoted an all-inclusive price.
Absolutely, I will help you with the creation of the privacy policy and the selection of a cookie banner. Please note that it is essential to purchase a license for the privacy policy. A cookie banner can usually be used for a website without a payment function in a free version. An online store requires more options and therefore a paid version of the banner.
I would be happy to revise the design of your website so that it fits in better with your current marketing strategy. Basically, every website should be adapted to the needs of the company in terms of content and appearance at regular intervals.